sales process automation

Sales Process Automation: How to Get It Right

Table of Contents What is Sales Process Automation? Sales process automation is the act of automating critical steps in your sales process, mostly by the use of a new tool or technology, to reduce the day-to-day workload on your salespeople and the time spent on individual sales, allowing them to focus on the real selling,

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Sales Training: All You Need To Know About Sales Training

Table of Contents What is sales training? Sales training is a deliberate process of equipping salespeople with skills, knowledge, tools, and attributes to drive revenue growth through a change in behaviour and strategy.  Effective sales training should be holistic, detailed, and aimed at providing the salesperson with the needed skills to perform their sales better,

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B2B Marketing, Marketing Strategy

The new B2B Marketing

B2B marketing is the process of one business marketing its products/services to another business. Business-to-business marketing is needed when one company’s output is required for another company to maintain or improve its operations. B2B marketing is no longer what it used to be. The traditional B2B marketing is becoming outdated. Formerly, marketers engage prospective buyers

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sales team productivity

5 Tools To Improve Sales Team Productivity

Sales team Productivity is essential for the revenue growth of every business irrespective of the industry. In this article we will focus on the B2B sales team productivity. The B2B sales industry is a fast-paced one, and a sales team needs to be empowered with modern-day tools to set them up for success. These sales

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attract and retain top talent

How To Attract And Retain Top Talents In Your Organization

The ability to attract  retain top talents and having a talented workforce is a crucial part of the success of any business. Top talents can bring incredible competitive advantage to your organization, which will help you build a strong value proposition and product/service portfolio that will attract customers from around the world. However, being able

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Year End Sales Strategy

Strategies Every Salesperson Can Adopt To Finish The Year Strong

Every November, sales executives all over the world experience a similar feeling of anxiety and dread as they race to meet their yearly objectives.  This period for many salespeople may be a difficult one.  It can, however, be an ideal time to improve sales abilities, elevate conversations with prospects, and fine-tune strategies for ending the

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How to Build a Sustainable Sales Pipeline

The sustainable sales pipeline is a collection of opportunities with an established need for the product based on some verified activities. It’s typically visualized in CRM as part of the sales funnel. Stages of representation may vary from company to company and sometimes even product to product. The stages, however, are usually pretty standard: Discover

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Handling Objection In Sales

How To Handle Objections In Sales

Table of Contents Being told “no” may be a reality of life. Sales reps are those who are most likely to hear it. If a rep is handling sales objections the following is how “no” may sound like: “Now isn’t the best time.” “We don’t have the budget” “I’m too busy right now.” Reacting to

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3 Principles of closing deals

3 Principles Of Closing Deals

Until you close a deal, you have not sold. In life, one thing separates winners from losers; it is success. Unfair as it may sound, no one ever gets a trophy for a great effort. What gets you a trophy is a closure. Closing is different from selling. Some people sell so well they forget

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Revenue Growth Nigeria

How to Crush H2 Revenue Goals in 2021

As a business leader intentional about making H2 a success, you really need to start looking at steps you can take today (or at worst tomorrow) to close in on your 2021 revenue goals and push deals across the finish line without extending any deals to the next year. More than ever, you need to

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Four Reasons Your Sales Team Keep Underperforming.

Managing an organisation can be tough. Managing the sales team can be even more challenging with all the priorities, tasks, pressure from the C-Suite and the stress of hitting projections since the organization’s performance is dependent on that of the sales team. Time again, when we consult with several revenue teams, a common question that

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