5 Tools To Improve Sales Team Productivity

sales team productivity

The B2B sales industry is a fast-paced one. The “sales cycle” has shrunk from months to weeks and in some cases, days. This means that traditional selling methods have been reduced to just a few steps: identify an opportunity, qualify it, nurture the relationship until closed. That’s why when you add in the challenges of prospecting, responding to RFPs (request for proposal) and amendments, closing more quickly on larger deals, you begin to see why salespeople are looking for new tools that can improve productivity and help close the deal faster.

These 5 tools will help do exactly that:

1. Salesforce: 

This tool is considered by many in the industry to be a standard sales technology tool. The salesforce CRM is a comprehensive one, allowing sales reps to track where they are in the sales cycle from their mobile devices. In addition, it gives real-time data on opportunities and pipeline activity so that the rep can immediately take action on them based on insights gathered from their laptop or smartphone.


2. Lusha:  

Direct and targeted prospecting is becoming a crucial part of any B2B sales team’s success. Using the Lusha Chrome plugin, B2B sales teams can search LinkedIn for prospects by company name or job title, as well as save those searches to use again later.


3. Fresh Sales:  

Fresh sales is a CRM tool that focuses on nurturing relationships by providing sales teams with insight into purchase history, social media activity, and company data. For example, if you are approaching a prospect for the first time or need to resend an email based on previous interactions, then Fresh Sales allows you to do that via email templates.


4.LinkedIn Sales Navigator:   

This is a premium LinkedIn tool that allows users to find prospects who can be researched and followed. Also, Sales Navigator lets you know who has viewed your profile, contacted you or requested an introduction from a mutual connection. In addition, it keeps track of all interactions with said connections via email and note history on the contact record for further reference.


5. Zoom:   

One of the trickiest parts of a sales cycle is to scheduling a demo with a prospect. With Zoom, you can schedule a live video call from your desktop. In addition, it provides screen sharing capabilities for collaboration and remote team meetings so that reps can work anywhere from their laptop or tablet.


Technology tools can play a crucial role in increasing the productivity of sales teams. The 5 tools we’ve highlighted provide an excellent starting point for B2B companies looking to improve their bottom line, but there are many more out there to consider if you’re not finding success with these. Let us know and we’ll help you find the right solution for your company’s needs and budget! If you are also looking for a sales training intervention, we have a team of highly skilled sales training consultants who can help you plan, design and deliver an effective solution for your company. Contact  us for a free consultation via email training@salesruby.com or phone: +2349070047686.  



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