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As a leader in training, recruitment and performance improvement, we can help you transform your revenue results. We’ve helped hundreds of companies across several industries increase their sales significantly with tailored recruitment, sales performance improvement and sales training services.

Our Other Services

Product Launch, Events Marketing SalesRuby

Product Launch & Events

You develop the product. We handle everything else that involves taking your product to the market and reaching your ideal audience.

Sales Agent Acquisition

Sales Agents Acquisition

Nationwide, we can help acquire sales agents to sell your services and offerings in a compelling manner to achieve your growth projections.

Project & Process Outsourcing

Let us handle your business’ processes and projects. We ensure they are tailored and aligned in such a manner that the help you achieve your ambitious revenue goals

Recruitment & Outsourcing

Finding, hiring and keeping the right talent is a difficult, time consuming and failure prone activity. You can partner with us to take the burden off your shoulders by letting us provide you with the top 1% candidates that are highly performing


Recruit the right team for your organization.

The right candidates make a big difference to the success of any company and yet finding them isn’t always easy. Very often staffs are recruited only to find out that they do not deliver what they were meant to. Hiring the wrong people is a costly decision you cannot afford.

SalesRuby’s recruitment team has proven expertise along with human resources capabilities to help you make the right recruitment decision. SalesRuby’s experience means that we are fluent with recruiting candidates at all levels including sales representatives, sales executives, digital marketers, project manager, account managers, business development/sales managers and C-Level executives.

SalesRuby’s extensive interviewing techniques and assessments guarantee that they place the right people into your business. This process means that you don’t waste time interviewing the wrong people. SalesRuby gives you only the right staff for your team, and we pride ourselves in making sure there is a revenue and team fit.

Recruit A Perfect Fit For

Specific Industry

Financial Services

Some sectors in the financial services we have a track record are the insurance, banking and non banking. We understand what it takes to find a fit for your industry

Real Estate

We understand the rigours of real estate and the importance in securing a successful placement is our priority. We work out of hours as required and always go the extra mile for our clients


We speak the language of the oil, gas and renewable industry and have a genuine understanding of client requirements; which has made leaders in the industry outsource their recruitment function entirely.

IT & Technology

We help large enterprises & startups find highly skilled IT and technology professionals on a temporary, contract and permanent basis.

FMCG, Retail & Gaming

Our specialist FMCG & Retail functional practices are recognized for their ability to offer an in-depth understanding of the skills, experience, and personal chemistry needed to source and secure first-class talent solutions.


Since advertising and marketing are inseparable parts of entertainment and media, building the most appropriate workforce happens to be a prime necessity for companies. At SalesRuby HR services, we always discover the individual and specific staffing fit for our clients.

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About Our Processes

The guys at SalesRuby understand what it takes to perform exceptionally in critical revenue functions. Whether we are hiring a COO, CEO, Head of Sales, Head of Marketing, Digital Marketers etc We partner with them rather than waste precious man hours and ending with people who often would not perform


Ezekiel A

Head of Finance, Leading Media Group

Hiring through SalesRuby was one of the best decisions we ever made as a company. SalesRuby hired our Head of Marketing & Sales and the months following her resumption have been some of the very best for us in Business


Tereigh O.

Head of Sales, Leading Telecoms Company

Right from the class during one of the role play at a training facilitated by SalesRuby, I was able to reactivate a stalled deal and it has brought good business for us afterwards. The real experience and strategies sharedare top-notch


Dorcas T.

Sales Executive, Infoware Technology.