Sales Academy: How To Effectively Train Your Sales Team

What Is A Sales Academy?

A sales academy is a structured process set up by an organization to improve its sales team’s capabilities through sales training. This sales training has a number of modules that will help your salespeople improve their ability to prospect, connect with clients, and handle objections. In addition, it will improve their product knowledge, their selling skills, their mindset, and their emotional and functional selling skills.

What Sales Academy Entails?

To clearly understand what a sales academy involves, let’s take the SalesRuby’s Sales Excellence Academy Partnership (SEAP) as a case study.

At SEAP, the SalesRuby learning and development consultants work with your sales team to access individual and sales team capabilities, design the courses and modules, and deploy the training, facilitators, tools, and interventions.

Since 26% of sales representatives claim that their sales training has little to no effect, our trainers and facilitators make sure the training is engaging by sharing relevant insights and knowledge that are tailored to the needs of the organization or the individual.

The final phase of our sales excellence academy strategy is an ongoing measurement of impact and capabilities within the sales function. This is to evaluate the outcome of our intervention and identify further strategies to ensure the function and performance deficiencies are addressed.

The most outstanding aspect of SEAP is that we deliver unique content specifically for your business and market.

Why You Need A Sales Excellence Academy Partner?

The selling landscape has continued to transform, and to stay ahead in the market, organizations like yours need a sales academy; an approach of continuously training and retraining of your sales personals to scale and exceed their targets.

Setting up a sales academy thus provides enormous advantages in terms of closing the knowledge gaps your salespeople might be experiencing and sets them up for success. Increasing your revenue is only possible when your sales representatives are well trained.

The Return on Investment for training salespeople stands at 353% for most organizations. Training your team makes them stand out from their contemporaries. Their product knowledge, ability to prospect, engagement, and close deals will all greatly improve.

A well-structured academy means the trainers and facilitation will first understudy your business, the market you play in, and the challenges your sales teams are facing. Here at SalesRuby, we follow your field men to the trade and evaluate their capabilities. This then guides the delivery of the modules and interventions.

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Focus Areas Of The Sales Excellence Academy Partnership (SEAP)

Through SEAP, SalesRuby aims to improve your sales team’s mindset and culture; their approach to work, and how they execute their tasks. We also work with your sales managers to improve your teams’ and individuals’ functional, emotional, and leadership capabilities. We target your team’s holistic change beyond just teaching them how to sell skills.

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SEAP: How To Partner With Us?

Building a sales academy for your team shouldn’t be too much of a worry. By speaking with a SalesRuby consultant, we take an on-the-spot assessment of your organization, the current situation of things, and what you aim to achieve. This can be done over the telephone or via a video conferencing platform. The goal of this meeting is to help us clearly understand how best we can be of help.


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