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As a leader in sales training, performance improvement, and recruitment of salespeople. SalesRuby can help you transform your revenue results.
We’ve helped hundreds of companies across several industries increase their sales significantly with tailored recruitment of sales professionals, sales consulting, sales training, technology and performance optimization.

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Revenue outcomes are a function of three things: people, processes and technology. When we work with you, we go the extra mile to optimize these elements to ensure a maximum revenue result. Our trainings and interventions are designed and deployed by a team of experts with over two decades of experience, tailored to suit the peculiarities of each business.

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Black Kid Becomes America’s NBA-King

This morning the world woke up to an incredible story. Jayle Marselles Brown the 26years old black NBA player of Celtic from Georgia signed the richest contract in the 77-year history of the NBA. The deal is valued 304Million Dollars! Massive right? Now, about a

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Jonathan Nzeka

Expert B2B Technology Sales Consulting

B2B Technology Sales Consulting is Very Necessary for Technology Companies Introduction B2B technology sales consulting is a vital ingredient for success in the dynamic world of Nigerian industries. For technology companies, having the right strategies to drive growth and outshine competitors is essential. This blog

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Jonathan Nzeka

Key Sales Performance Metrics

Optimizing Sales Productivity Metrics for Outstanding Performance in Nigeria In today’s highly competitive business landscape in Nigeria, maximizing key sales performance metrics productivity is essential for organizations aiming to achieve sustainable growth and outperform their competitors. To thrive in this dynamic market, companies need to

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Jonathan Nzeka

Gaining Competitive Advantage with SalesRuby Consulting

Amplify Your Business Growth with SaleRuby Consulting – Your Sales Consultancy Partner In today’s fiercely competitive business environment, organizations are always looking for ways to boost their sales and achieve outstanding business growth. SaleRuby Consulting, as a leading sales consultancy firm, is committed to helping

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