Understanding The Critical Elements Of Revenue Performance Managment

An effective revenue performance management is essential to your business. Through both formal and informal processes, it helps you align your employees, resources, and systems to meet your strategic objectives. It works as a dashboard too, providing an early warning of potential problems and allowing you as a leader to know when you must make adjustments to keep your business on track. The truth is the elements of a good performance-management system are simple, but integrating them into your business’s fundamental operating system is more difficult than it seems.

In this 1hour+ session, Adewale Adeyipo (Group CEO, CWG PLC) shared his philosophy on:

  • Approach For Effective Revenue Performance Management

  • Critical Activities Toward Achieving Revenue Performance

  • The Science of Measurement, Performance and Growth

  • Modern Concept of Revenue Governance and Revenue Assurance

  • Performance Measurement Indices

  • Data-Driven Decision Making for Scaling Growth

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