The SRPG is focused specifically on the organization’s growth and strategic objectives for the period of engagement. . Through the initiative of Strategic Retail Growth Program (SRGP) SalesRuby works with growth-seeking organizations like yours to foster growth in specific areas



Organizations often have strategic focus defined by time limits. The Strategic Business Growth Program is an aggressive sales program designed to grow retail, HNI and MSME value by an aggregate 10-20 percent within a 6 months period.

The program focuses specifically on sales channel development, sales process optimization and Channel Development, Sales Process Optimization, Aggressive Leads Generation, Operational Frame-work

In delivering on the ambitious promise of SRGP there are 5 pillars that we frequently employ:

  • Training & Coaching- We combine training methods and best-in-kind coaching practices to help our clients deliver

  • Customer Acquisition- Revenue growth happens always when customers grow. We set very ambitious projections in customer acquisition and work with your team to deliver on it. These class of customers will typically be the very ones that are most likely to help you

  • Industry-Focused Events- As a means of attracting the exact class of clients within the strategic focus of the organization with which we work we

  • Retail Channel Audit- As part of an initial process of optimizing your sales efforts it is often necessary to Accountability Sessions