SPGA Program is focused on helping organisation achieve revenue growth. It intends to partner with your organization to align her strategic business and growth objectives with critical learning resources at optimal time and resource costs while also substantially increasing derivable training value.

We basically help organizations to do three things
  • Understand core capabilities required to deliver their next phase of growth

  • Help them to acquire those capabilities at extremely affordable costs

  • Ensure that people are accountable for using those core capabilities.

How do we help you achieve this?
  • We serve as your learning and development consultants

  • We help you align critical growth initiatives with people capability needs

  • We help you plan your people strategy

  • We Optimize your learning and development expenses

  • We plan your periodic business reviews every quarter or half-year

  • People growth evaluation

  • We provide you relevant curated online or video training contents

  • Create a curriculum based on your internal processes

  • Evaluation



We foster your people capability enhancement agenda by employing an array of options which include:
Internal faculty-led training- Your people have capability to deliver specific trainings which are internal to your processes, we set up a curriculum for that and train the trainers.
Bespoke training- When we see critical skills gaps cutting across some units or even the entire organization we set up a bespoke training tailored to the specific needs of your organization. This can be facilitated by us or an external faculty where necessary.
SalesRuby Academy- We have almost 30 courses at the SalesRuby Academy facilitated by subject matter experts with extensive experiential knowledge. Typically, a SalesRuby Academy faculty member has average of 15-20years practitioner experience.
Specialized Partner Trainings- Where there is need to take very specialized or industry-focused trainings that our academy does not offer we engage our partners to offer same to you at up to 40% discount.
Video training contents- We schedule regular video training content that are relevant to your organization
Online training contents/LMS-


Strategic Focus- The most important benefit of the Strategic People Growth Advisory is the alignment of training with the strategic focus of the organization. Be sure also that the result of our partnership will be a an undeniable growth in your revenue outcomes.
Cost Reduction- By the application of several options in our approach we are excited that you would be reducing the investment in training quite considerably.
Effectiveness- Our training faculty members are verified industry practitioners with a lot of years in experiential knowledge. We also adopt the best methods in accountability to ensure that the desired outcomes are assured.
Time- Minimal disruption to normal business and time lost. We understand how much you want that people function optimally. By employing the use of videos, LMS and weekend training we will be able to cut down substantially on productive time lost on training.
Diversity of choice- You have a lot of options- you can choose from our academy courses, bespoke training, online courses etc.