Learn How Mega Deals Worth Billions Of Naira Are Closed

Here’s a secret: closing a multi-million dollar deal is the exact same as closing a four-figure deal. There are contracts, negotiations, uncertainty, that inevitable “oh, evrything is all going to fall apart” moment, and then boom. Deal done. Case closed. Next.

Working up to a deal with six or seven zeros can seem intimidating, but numbers are numbers. And usually, you do deals with people, not spreadsheets. In this deal closer series, Bunmi Jembola (CEO, SalesRuby), Isaac Onaolapo (Commercial Distribution Manager, G+D) and Esther Uko (Head of Marketing, Wazobia Group) who have all closed multi million deals will discussing and sharing the intricacies of the anatomy and what is required to close mega deals


Join from absolutely anywhere you are, to learn practical insights from these mega deals closers.

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