How to improve your deal closure by 258%.

Do You Sell to Enterprise buyers? – I’m talking about B2B sales involving more than one person. If you do selling alone should never be a part of your game.

Recently, a sales enablement and sales research company profiled over two million sales calls using AI and found out something really interesting: By involving a second person from your side in the sales process each step all the way you increase your chances of closing the deal by a whopping 258%. Now that is VERY huge.

This is certainly a big deal. It should be a game changer if you are able to use this piece of information correctly. It means you are 2.5 times more likely to sell through if you are not selling alone. I believe this is so for three reasons:

  1. Selling in a company builds trust. While individuals can easily play deception people generally believe that a team is unlikely to pre-arrange intentional deception.
  2. Having more than one person on the team gives the extra comfort that your company is “BIG”
  3. Getting people to commit to multi-person engagements makes it more difficult for them to back-track within a sales context.

Now, having known this new interesting fact, how exactly should you use it?

  1. Enterprise selling is fairly complex and can so easily slip. If you want buyers to take you seriously you will need to device creative ways to get part of your team to join you in each presentation. This has to be done with a lot of tact. Sometimes you invite the technical team to provide some insight. Sometime it is a member of management to join in negotiation.
  2. Get the other team to commit to getting one more person into the process from their side. You probably have been talking to the Executive Director all the while. If you are coming with your MD, it won’t be a bad idea to request the presence of their CEO. Getting one more person in who has a higher authority increases the margin of closure.
  3. Ensure they do not take over the initiative of sale. Remember that getting other team members in should serve to convince the buyer the more. It should however not be the case that they begin to lead the sales initiative otherwise you won’t be able to close without them.

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