Until you close, you have not sold.

In life, one thing separates successful people from losers; it is the close. Unfair as it may sound no one ever gets a trophy for a great effort. What gets you a trophy is the closure.

Closing is different from selling. Some people sell so well they forget to close. Some even continue to sell long after the buyer is sold. Closure is the forte of the most experienced sales people.

Here are a few principles in professional closure (From my new book Selling Value at Scale)

#1. Principle of definitive Urgency

The customer will not always be eager to buy. The deal is only urgent when the customer considers it urgent. I have heard people say a few times that you can create urgency. With that in mind it is extremely valuable to heighten the push when the customer is excited the most. When you get to that point you stop selling and ask for the order.

#2. Deals Never Close. People Close Deals

Have you heard Newton’s First Law of Motion?

“All things continue in their state of rest until an impressed force acts on them”. No where is Newton’s law truer than in sales. Deals do not close on their own. If a customer you sold ever calls you back on their own to bring the product something happened. It’s either a vendor blew them or they raised price or something. Many sellers believe that you should just give the buyer enoght information to make a decision and leave them to do so. Nothing can be further from the truth. Closure is your duty!

#3. Tell just enough

Excellent closers understand that every individual buyer is different and they treat them so. While some buyers require every information to make a decision some are aware of what exactly they need before they come to you. They know the difference between the product and the competition. They know the price. They are already sold. They just need your account details. Why should you start selling that kind of a customer? It’s going to be a total waste of time. Professional closers know the value of this question: What exact things would you need to know to be able to make a choice?

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